Red bird

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Area of the vineyard: 15ha – plantations from 2015 and 2017, Richter and VCR seedlings.

The location of the vineyard and the future winery for production of wine with geographical indication is the flat terrain on the southern slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain, approximately 900m away from the Krušedol monastery and the village of Krušedol, on the road towards Banstol (the Municipality of Irig) and approximately 7.5km towards the Southwest from the Danube River and 11.5km eastwards from the E-75 motorway.

GPS coordinates of the neighboring location (Google Earth) are: 45°6'55.76"N and 19°56'39.69"E. The absolute peak of the location terrain is approximately 219.5m above sea level.


Red bird Ribarski trg 35 Irig