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We carefully combine the extraordinary natural conditions offered by our micro-locality and modern technologies in production of grape and wine with experiences of the consultancy team by top French experts and ambitiousness and desires of the winery’s young team, in order to produce recognizable and unique wines with pronounced terroir stamp.

We approach growing of each variety carefully, depending on the wine we wish to make. This is why one and the same variety is grown in two different manners for two different wines, which results in authentic taste that conquers all veritable wine lovers.


Deurić Ekonomija "Salaš", 22409 Mala Remeta Mala Remeta

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +38163595679



Talas Beli Deurić

Wine with scents of banana, vanilla and yellow spotted apples. Rich in flavor, fruity and fresh, with fruity finish. Ideal aperitif wine, but also a companion of horse d’oeuvres of cheeses and cured meats, as well as fish and poultry dishes.


Talas Crveni Deurić

The wine of purple color and medium intensity. Its scent is dominated by cherry, raspberry and red berry aroma. The presence of Merlot gives this blend fruitiness, richness and complexity of experience. Harmonious acids, fulfilled with refreshing fruity aromas come together in a nice pleasant finish, which will delight all red wine lovers.


Urban Rose - Pinot Noir

Layered and complex rosé, with the scent resembling bitter orange and watermelon slice, but also apricot, redcurrant and strawberry, with a clear herbal flowery tone. In the mouth, the wine is succulent, with fine acids, prolonged, with fresh flowery fruit aromas, with a bit of spicy, vanilla-like tones.


Pinot Noir Deurić

Mild scent of ripe red fruits, chocolate cherry, prune and cranberry, refined by fine tones of wood, mocca coffee, vanilla and smoke. Light-bodied, succulent, with gentle and mild tannins. The finish is dominated by ripe cherries and plum aromas, complemented by sweet spice tones. Food pairing: duck confit, roasted goose, forest mushroom risotto, plums wrapped in bacon, liver in bacon, young veal, mutton kapama (meat and spinach stew).


Gewurtztraminer Deurić

One of the favorite aromatic grapevine varieties, which yields the best wines in the very Fruška Gora region. The wine has a rich flowery-fruity scent, with tones of elderberry, tangerine and mango. Very succulent in the mouth, with discrete ginger and orange zest aroma, which linger in the mouth for a long time. An ideal wine to accompany Asian cuisine dishes, fresh salads, or puff-pastry pies.


Chardonnay Deurić

Intense and ripe scent of mango, passion fruit, ripe tangerines, figs and candied lemon, fulfilled with tones of butter cookies, vanilla and roasted walnuts. In the mouth, the wine is succulent, full-bodied, with strong fruity character and luscious freshness with lingering finish characterized by fruit, nut, noble wood and fine tones of milk caramel. Food pairing: Camembert, brie, champignons, gibanica (phyllo dough and cheese pie), pasta carbonara, turkey with mlinci (thin, dried flatbread), barbecued pork brisket, trout with almonds, shrimp, lobster, butter asparagus, stuffed zucchini.