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Erdevik Winery is situated in the village of Erdevik, in Srem, on the western slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain.

Erdevik is one of the most beautiful villages in Srem, nested on mild hills at 140m above sea level, surrounded on two sides by the Fruška Gora Mountain and by the plains on the other two, and adjacent to three beautiful lakes.

The name of the village is most probably derived from the Hungarian word erdoveg, designating a forested area.

Erdevik Winery is today a combination of modern and traditional, where quality wines are produced exclusively from own vineyard on the right bank of the Danube River.

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus, who ruled the empire from 276 to 282 AD, was born in Sirmium – the today’s city of Sremska Mitrovica. During his reign, grapevines were planted for the first time outside Italy, and that took place exactly on the Fruška Gora Mountain. Erdevik was among the first plantations.

In the early 19th century, Erdevik harbored significant vineyard plantations, which is why count Livius Odeskalki decided in 1826 to establish this wine cellar.

A large portion of Srem, as well as the village of Erdevik, have come in 1697 under the Austrian rule and government of the Italian family Odeskalki, which aided emperor Leopold during the Turkish siege of Vienna.

The locality Breskvik is situated above the village of Krčedin, at approximately the ideal 100m above sea level. This is where Chardonnay, Cabernet, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz ripen.

We have carefully selected the position for our vineyards. Breskvik has proven to be ideal, because that is where the best climate and soil effects of the Fruška Gora Mountain blend.

Our vineyards are heated during the day by two Suns: the one from the sky, and the other mirroring from the waters of the Danube River, helping our grapes to ripen properly and to become sweet, juicy and plump.

During the summer and autumn nights, cold breeze descends into our vineyards from the West, along the forested slopes of Fruška Gora, thus preserving the acids and fruity freshness of grapes making our wines perfectly balanced.

The local soil is layered and rich in minerals, which makes our wines firm and complex. The soil surface is made of alluvial layer covering the limestone and clay originating from sedimentation of the former Pannonian Sea.

The deepest layer reached by the roots of our vines is the stone cradle, filled with fossilized remains of shells and corals.

We nurture, cultivate and harvest our vineyards manually, choosing only the best and the healthiest grapes for our wines.

We look upon the tradition, respect the region and make wines for the future.


Erdevik Milin do 16 Erdevik

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +381648224327



Sauvignon Blanc

The scent of highly attractive white peach and flower aromas. On the palates, the taste is extremely harmonious and rounded. Sauvignon harvested in 2015 is dominated by fresh lemon and dry apricot tones. The aroma is steady and ends in a very pleasant finish. Food pairing: It may be consumed as an aperitif, with finger food, grilled goat cheese, Cesar salad. Alcohol content: 12% Vol. Total acids: 6,07 g/l. Sugar content: 2,70 g/l


Tri roze koze

Tri Roze Koze 2015 harvest is a pleasant rosé that renders complex aromas of hibiscus, rose petals, strawberries and watermelon. The wine is middle-bodied, with a shiny, refreshing, crisp style on the palates. Food pairing: Wide specter of food – from fruit salads, salty cheeses to bruscetti and barbecue. Alcohol content: 13% Vol. Total acids: 6,07 g/l. Sugar contents: 5,90 g/l



Typical for Bordeaux wines from early 19 century, a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah (the variety characteristic for the Rhone valley) varieties, proves its richness once again. Strong aromas of ripe red and black fruits – Merlot and Cabernet – are perfectly compatible with the black chocolate and lavender aromas of Syrah. Maturing of the wine in oak has not only added another aromatic layer of complexity, but has favorably affected its harmoniousness. Food pairing: Steak in black chocolate sauce. Alcohol content: 13% Vol. Total acids: 6,30 g/l. Fruit content: 1,80 g/l


Roza Nostra

Roza Nostra offers all that is expected from a top quality rosé. Packed with aromas of strawberry, sour cherries, vineyard peaches, refreshing citruses, with a hint of minerals. Roza Nostra is a beautiful wine, full-bodied, with sparkling acids and perfect precision on the palates. Food pairing: A veritable gastronomic wine – from fresh oysters, through grilled shrimp and octopus to roasted quail. Alcohol content: 13% Vol. Total acids: 5,85 g/l. Sugar contents: 3,20 g/l


Omnibus Lector

Dry white wine of 100% Chardonnay variety. Intensive tropical fruit aromas with slight resemblance of vanilla and biscuit make this wine highly recognizable. The pleasant, refreshing acids make it drinkable, while a dose of mineral flavor prolongs the aftertaste on the palates. Very specific and unique expression of barrique Chardonnay. It goes with shrimp in lemongrass sauce. Alcohol content: 13,5% Vol. Total acids: 6,63 g/l. Sugar content: 1,05 g/l