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The tradition of winegrowing dates in the Kiš family continuously back to 1830. Earlier, only the autochthonous grapevine varieties characteristic for the Fruška Gora climate were cultivated. Today, in addition to such varieties we also grow varieties being renowned worldwide, which are also grown here due to their popularity. Slavko Kiš, who is the 4th generation of winemakers, has preserved his family history and passed it on to his descendants, firmly believing that wines from the slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain may preserve taste of the old times. This is why retaining the geographical characteristics and yielding to traditional methods of erection of vineyards and cultivation of grapevine has brought to the Kiš Winery many prestigious international awards.


Kiš Winery Karlovačkog mira 46 Sremski Karlovci

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +38121882880



Portugizer Candir

For a number of years, Portugizer served as a synonym for top-notch red wines of the Fruška Gora Mountain. It is a wine characterized by a thick, dark-purple color. Our Portugizer was declared to be the best in the world in 2017.



It is a young, refreshing and flickering wine. It smells of ripe apples, table fruit and citruses followed by white flowers and ends in a succulent lingering finish.


Misetrija Candir

This is a wine of straw-yellow color, with a likeable scent of table fruit and citruses. Its flavor is of a very fresh, clear and firm structure.


Beli Bermet

Its scent will remind you of an abundance of spices, primarily clove, cinnamon, bitter orange and wormwood. This wine is extremely full and rich on the palates.


Kišov Rose

This is a full and rounded wine with fresh acids and mild, well-integrated sweetness tone, which emphasizes fruitiness in the mouth and lingers for a long time.



This wine is characterized by rich scent of dry sour cherries, cinnamon, clove, Speculaas cookies, vanilla and dark chocolate, which will be sensed in the nose and repeated in the mouth.