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Over three decades ago, love, passion and desire have woken up. Life itself experienced a new surge of energy. Energy for something new. Roots of the KM winery lie on the slopes of the giving Fruška Gora Mountain, near the famous Hopovo Monastery.

The name of the winery stands for initials of its makers – father Miroslav and mother Klara, who have transferred all their knowledge and love to their sons, so they could grow together with the winery. And so they did. Each year they grew and became stronger, defied the challenges and enjoyed the fruits of their work and efforts.

Time passed by. Dreams became closer. The time has come for KM winery to present itself to you. We will be honored to offer you to taste in restaurants and cafés some of our refined white, red or rosé flavors. We look forward to getting to know you. Your KM winery


KM Winery Dragoslava Stojanovića - Sipa 18 Novi Sad

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +381655432200 +381600518698



​Ledeni – Rhein Riesling

A bit atypical, freshly scented, with mildly complex body and substantial acids balanced with a few grams of residual sugar. This is a wine for all generations and any occasion. It should be served at the temperature of 10ºC, with salads. Its scent resembles vanilla ice cream with sliced almonds, as the wine’s name suggests ( Ledeni meaning Icy).


Rozi Roze –Frankovka

Our favorite and the wine for all occasions! It is made of the Frankovka variety with all the positive characteristics associated with it. It has a pronounced scent of raspberry and is mildly sweet with light pink color and diamond translucence. It is a light-bodied, flickering wine with fine, vibrant acids. It should be served at the temperature of 9-10ºC and consummated either in solitude or in a company!


Chardonnay Familija

Structured white wine, fermented and aged for six months in lightly smoked French oak barrels, which renders its highly expressed aromas of butter, smoke, vanilla and oily texture and mildly sweet flavor. It has an enduring flavor that lingers in the mouth for a long time and is followed by the roasted almonds aroma and good, not too strong acids, which excellently supplement the pronounced vanilla tones. It should be served at the temperature of 12ºC with creamy, white sauces, pasta, poultry, pike perch baked in sour cream or Schnee Nockerl dessert.


Merlot Stari

This is a wine of very pronounced fruitiness and pure aromas of sour cherry and forest strawberries, embedded in the aromas of vanilla, coconut, dark chocolate and underlying smoke scent. It is medium-bodied, with excellent balance between acids and alcohol and soft pleasant tannins and yet a very vibrant wine pleasant for prolonged consummation. It should be served at the temperature of 16-18ºC with all red meats and dark chocolate mousse with sour cherry topping.