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The winery started to produce wine from grapes from its own vineyard harvested in 2012. The same year additional 3ha of vineyards were planted, so that the winery currently disposes with approximately 23,000 vines of 6 grape varieties.

Although we think that all available technical, technological and enological means should be used in production of grapes and wines, we also believe that one should strive to balance the technology so as to make it dominated by the specifics of the climate and the terroir. Our plan is to plant ten hectares in total and to produce exclusively grape of varieties yielding top quality wine. We think that all beyond that is an industry in a bad sense of the term, which does not contribute to the quality of wine, which may be achieved only through care and manual work of the winemaker, as well as the constant nurturing of wine.


Modele - vinograd Popović Vojvode Mišića 20 Banoštor

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +381637743985


Modele Pinot Gris

Modele italijanski rizling

Modele frankovka

Modele chardonnay

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