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Branko Mlađenović and Mirjana Đurđević have planted in 2013 a vineyard consisting of mostly Italian Riesling over 2ha in the region of Patka near the village of Krčedin. Their idea has been to invest hard work in the vineyard and to limit the yield of this unjustly belittled variety, so as to bring it back among the high-quality wines, where it belongs. At the same time, they have founded a small winery, which is located in the very village of Krčedin, with current capacity of approximately 10,000l.

The first result on that path is Knez Miškin 2016.


Patkov vinograd Milenka Vuksana 10. Krčedin



Knez Miškin

Knez Miškin is Italian Riesling with approximately 10% of Rhein Riesling, of mildly yellow color with green tones and scent dominated by pineapple and melon. It is extremely drinkable and refreshing, which is contributed by pleasant aromas of lime acid.