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Far back in the 19th century, when our ancestor master Mitar Jojić would drink wine produced from grapes of his vineyards on Fruška Gora Mountain, near the villages of Seleuš and Grabovac, after a hard day of scything, he had no idea whatsoever that part of the tradition was in the making.

Time has flown like the clear wine from a bottle. Master Mita has harvested many grapes and poured many barrels. His sons scattered in different directions. His son Đoka had chosen a homeland for himself and became a wealthy landowner in Moldova. His son Joca became an infamous bachelor and gambler in Italy. He was sending the most beautiful postcards from Genoa and Fiume to his family. The third son Todor, a wise and farsighted man, married Persida Čekić, who brought him as her dowry the vineyard Memijevo. This is where today the grapevine Portugizer grows. Approaching the end of his life in 1926, Todor has become one of the founders of the famous Irig Wine Cellar. For those times, associations and cooperatives were seemingly a usual thing. For the family winemaking tradition, that has been an immeasurable contribution.

Mita’s grandson, the son of Todor, named Sava, has been indeed bibacious! He has been affirming his knowledge for a long time now and has become the master of his craft. But he never gambled...

That is how each generation in the Jojić family left trace – some have diligently added value and worked. Others have taken away as dowry, or lost to gambling. However, the wine gene was passed on until today. The present generation skillfully uses the valuable heritage of their ancestors on nurturing of vineyards and winemaking. Combined with contemporary global knowledge on enology, we produce wines that bear the specificities of the Fruška Gora climate and the entire symbolism of family biographies intertwined with sips of wine. For your joy and pleasure!


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Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +38122462492




Variety composition: Chardonnay. Vineyard: Carina, Fruška Gora Wine Region. Serving temperature: 10-12˚C. Exceptionally clear, lemon yellow color and crystal reflection. Intensive scent with white fruits aroma: vineyard peach and karamanka pear, which overflows in layers into buttery tones. Taste is harmonious, with nicely balanced components. Mild acids with an adequate quantity of alcohol. Pairs nicely with fish, seafood and white meat, and milky young cheeses.


Traminac Mirisavi

Variety composition: Scented Traminer. Vineyard: Belengir, Memijevo, Fruška Gora Wine Region. Serving temperature: 12-14˚C. A symphony of white roses, melon, peach and marzipan. Transforms itself into the succulent flavor of candied fruit. Scented soft wine, ideal as an aperitif with summer salads, seafood, smoked fish, foie gras, duck meat, spicy pork, grilled white meat, fruits and fruit deserts.


Roze Frajla

Variety composition: Portugizer, Pinot Noir. Vineyard: Memijevo, Budakovac, Fruška Gora Wine Region. Serving temperature: 10˚C. Maturated shortly on the grapes, which is how the characteristic salmon-pink color was achieved. The wine releases pleasant scents of raspberry and strawberry, and may be served also as an aperitif during hot summer days. Excellent pairing with salads, white meat and river fish.



Variety composition: Portugizer. Vineyard: Memijevo, Budakovac, Fruška Gora Wine Region. Serving temperature: 15-17˚C. Autochthonous variety from the Fruška Gora Mountain, to which Mačkov podrum returns its old glory and spark! It has the scent of blackcurrant and blackberry, characteristic for the variety. Its scent is long lasting and pure, the flavor is fruity, with pleasant acids that give the wine its freshness and succulence. It pairs well with homemade sausages, kulen (spicy sausage) of Vojvodina and traditional dishes. Young wine – Svatovac may be consumed also as an aperitif, if chilled.



Variety composition: Bordeaux blend of Merlot, Cabernet, matured in barrique. Vineyard: Belengir, Fruška Gora Wine Region. Serving temperature: 15-17˚C. Pomegranate red color with purple reflection. Complex and layered, with a lot of fire, succulence and mineral characteristics. It is nicely rounded, rich and has nicely integrated tannins. It is excellent with beef stakes, lamb chops or roasted pork with apple, sour cherry or mint sauces. It also pairs well with game and barbecue.


Bermet Diškrecija

Diškrecija (nl. discretio fr. discrétion): carefulness, observance and wariness in speech and conduct. A certain quantity of Bermet was taken by Serbian statesmen, clergymen and wealthy citizens under the Austro-Hungarian rule to important performances and functions in order to entice rendering of decisions favorable for our people. Mačkov bermet Diškrecija harbors an opulence of aromas, which arise from combination of wine and several tenths of spicy and aromatic herbs. It possesses the typical sweetness of Bermet and the apparent tones of cinnamon, clove, red berries and wormwood, but also extraordinary and light structure and drinkability. It should be served at the temperature of 8-10°C as an aperitif, or at 14-16°C as a digestif.