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The wines of the IN Winery originate from slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain, from the estate of families Ilić and Nijemčević in the village of Bikić Do.

The centuries-long tradition of the grapevine cultivation in the region, the vineyards planted approximately in year 300 BC by ancient Romans and the wine cellar itself contribute to the finest grapes being processed with skill and love into wine of extreme purity and drinkability, lightness and uniqueness.


Winery Ilić Nijemčević Podrumska bb Bikić Do

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +381113442005




Our intense but delicate Chardonnay is characterized by fullness and opulence of ripe melon, spotted apples, figs and lemon aromas. It is extremely succulent, harmonious and perfectly balanced and it brings to the palates intensive fruity flavors, melting over into a complex and firm finish.


Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a wine of intense ruby-red color. Its opulence consists of a beautiful combination of the two varieties. It is a quite pleasurable medium-bodied wine with pronounced tannins resulting from long aging.


Sauvignon blanc

Our Sauvignon Blanc brings the air of tropics through the developed scents of tropical fruits, grapefruit, ripe peaches and tangerines, enriched by mild scents of freshly cut grass. Being elegant and sophisticated, it will be liked by any veritable wine lover.


Rose Muscat

A spirituous and vigorous rosé wine with strong character. Its flowery scent with wild rose and cherry blossoms in the Spring is accompanied by red fruit aromas. It is silky and soft in the mouth, with ripe cherry and rose-scented rahat lokum aroma, which blends into a pleasant and long aftertaste.



A wine of intense ruby-red color. Its bouquet is developed and rich and is dominated by aromas of ripe fruits and spices. Its flavor is full and smooth. It is a fully mature wine, ready to be enjoyed.


Italijanski Rizling

The wine made of a variety being firmly inwrought into the wine identity of the Fruška Gora Mountain region. It smells of summer yellow apples, Ječmenka pears, dandelions and citruses, while in the mouth it is soft and elegant, with pleasant finishing calling upon a new sip.