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On the southern slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain, in the vineyards of extraordinary microclimate, there grow the varieties of grapevine being processed in the Kovačević Winery into wines of strictly controlled quality. We possess approximately 15ha of our own vineyards and additional 200ha in cooperation with our cooperators, with whom we work throughout the year in order to control the quality of grapes.

Kovačević Winery has the tradition of vine growing over a 100 years long. In 2001 the new winery was constructed with modern winemaking equipment which now applies both the contemporary technologies and traditional methods of winemaking. Miroslav Kovačević is the third generation of winegrowers and winemakers in his family. The very quality of wine has been built slowly and persistently, but what makes the production process unique is the blend of the modern and traditional – which in fact is the motto of the Kovačević Winery.

This is how the already recognizable wine varieties from the assortment have been made, such as the Chardonnay, Aurelius, Rosetta, Sauvignon, Rhein Riesling, Bermet, sparkling wine Kovačević Brut, Orphelin, Cuvee Piquant. By purchasing the wine cellar Podrum 1930 in 2013, the Kovačević Winery has continued to invest and develop the region of Fruška Gora on the foundations of traditional values. In the wine cellar, the repairs encompassed the archive, old cellar for barrique barrels, and the part for reception and processing of grapes. By purchase of this wine cellar, the capacity of the winery has grown up to approximately 2 million liters.

The winery’s plan is to grow further and launch innovations on the wine market, so as to enable the consumers to enjoy some new tastes. One of them is orange wine, which is made under an ancient production method – the Georgian method. Orange wines have a specific taste, which is completely different than our present wines, and their color is golden-yellow, amber-like. Moreover, we produce selection wines, such as Auelius S Edition, Aurelius R Edition, Chardonnay S Edition and Sauvignon S Edition, which is produced from selected grape varieties from monitored vineyard lots.

By opening wine routes of the Fruška Gora Mountain and developing the wine tourism, in September 2010 the wine house Vinska kuća Kovačević was opened near Irig. If you wish to escape to nature from the city hassle and bustle, comfortable apartments overlooking the neighboring hills will provide you with rest and comfort.


Vinarija Kovačević Krstašice BB Irig

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +38122463137




Dry white wine; grape variety Chardonnay 100%; 13% alcohol content; harvest 2016. The wine is of straw-yellow color, with reflections of crystal clearness. It has an exceptionally aromatic scent and complex fullness of the taste with mild undertones of bitterness that resembles the tastes of dry figs and almond. Chardonnay of original style is recognizable for impressive aromas of tropical fruit and elegant tones of citrus, as well as for its smooth texture and energetic freshness with finishing tones of grapefruit. Its originality reflects exactly in such a seemingly incompatible combination of creamy taste and playful freshness. Top quality and specificity of this wine comes to the fullest if served at the temperature of 10-12°C.


Sauvignon S Edition

Dry white wine; grape variety Sauvignon Blanc 100%; harvest 2016; 13,5% alcohol content.

The wine is of bright yellow color with green overflows of crystal clarity. The variety scent is highly developed and harmonized. Its complex bouquet invokes the scent of recently blossomed elderberry. Its taste is harmonious and refreshing, with nicely composed acids and fullness of wine. By stubbornly retaining its variety-related characteristics, which expresses itself in the wine through a specific aromatic complex (gooseberry, elderberry, hay, spices, citruses, etc.) and an energetic, refreshing taste, our Sauvignon also depicts the terroir from which it originates, primarily in the sense of an additional aromatic depth and mineral character that speak of soil diversity of our vineyard in Irig. The harmony of scents and tastes will be best experienced if served cooled at the temperature of 10 - 12°C.


Chardonnay Orange

Orange wine; harvest 2015; variety Chardonnay 100%; 13,8 % alcohol content

Grapes from own plantations in Fruška Gora Mountain, region Kamen. After the separation of stems, the grapes are pressed and poured into oak barrels to macerate and partially ferment over the period of 15 days. Production of this wine involves autochthonous yeasts. It lies in oak vessels of 300 and 500 liters and matures over 12 to 24 months. After the maturing, the wine is bottled and ages in the bottle over the period of several months. What is specific for this wine is that it does not go through the conventional procedures of clarification, filtration and stabilization, in order for it to retain the grape and terroir characteristics as much as possible. The color is dark golden – amber. The scent resembles dried fruit with a hint of spices. The wine is full-bodies, with a lot of tannins, but smooth.


Aurelius S Edition

Dry red wine; harvest 2014 variety Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 40%,13.5% alcohol content

The wine is of dark red color, with tannin texture, matured in oak barrels. It is made by blending of two top grape varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Aurelius is made of selected grapes, with additional selection of barrique wine (225l) with different degrees of wood charring. The minimum period of aging in oak barrels amounts to approximately 18 months. It is renowned for its elegant aromas enriched by tones of caramel and chocolate.


Sparkling wine Kovačević Brut

Dry white sparkling wine; 12,5% alcohol content; 85% Chardonnay,15% Rhein Riesling; harvest 2010.

The wine is of light yellow color and has a stable foam with fine tiny bubbles and fruity aroma. The fullness of taste is a reflection of many years long aging of the wine in the bottle with fine yeasts. The wine is produced according to the traditional Champagne method. In terms of style, it belongs to the category Blanc de Blancs. The wine is harmonious, elegant, of excellent structure and with very steady sparkling perlage, which finishes in a long lasting impression of fruity freshness. The top quality of this wine comes to the fullest if served at the temperature of 7-9°C. It is served as an aperitif.



Dry red wine; Harvest 2015; Variety Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, Merlot 40%; 13,5% alcohol content.

The wine is of dark red color and thick texture, matured in oak barrels. The richness, the harmony of scent and taste and the fruity character were achieved by blending two top grape varieties - Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Aurelius is made of selected grapes, with additional selection of barrique wine (225l) with different degrees of wood charring. It is recognizable for its elegant aroma of forest fruit, ripe cherries and plums, and for succulent tannins, strong structure and very rich taste and plush texture.