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About Winery

VINUM Winery exists as of the year 2000 and possesses approximately 10ha of vineyards. The wine we make is made exclusively from grapes harvested in our vineyards. Situated in the heart of the village of Sremski Karlovci, we are a blend of tradition and new technologies in production of wine. Making quality wines with geographical indication, we have obtained recognition for our work through numerous prizes on both the national and world competitions.


Vinum Karlovačkog mira 26 a Sremski Karlovci

Telephone for byers and vistors of the vinery: +381648490328



Italijanski Rizling

You may call it Italian, Golden, Beli Grašac, or just Vinum’s Riesling. Although it appears to be having an issue with its name, it most certainly has none with its identity. It is easily recognizable and remembered for a long time. Its character is firm and steadfast. Its color ranges from golden-yellow to green. It simply slides and one can never get enough of it. Its minerals will continue to crisp on your pallets while you order grilled fish, kulen and prosciutto.



A controversial wine. At first, it refreshes innocently, then it sweetens juicily, and then you become consumed by the scent of yellow Muscat, which is when you start contemplating on the Traminer. Vinum’s Mustra is needy and full of surprises. Especially when you expect nothing much from a blend.



Frankovka is made of a proud autochthonous variety. It neither imposes, nor brags. It waits for its connoisseur to get into the depths of its flavor. To recognize immediately the wilderness of blueberry and ripeness of sour cherry. To become surprised at second sip by the freshness of raspberry and cornel berry. And in the end, to round up his experience by a touch of oak, coffee and chocolate. Vinum’s Frankovka will prove its seriousness and determination not only by its ruby red color, but also by its inspiration for red meats combined with strong mushrooms and cheese, or soft and pulled roasts.



This desert wine is a specialty of the village of Sremski Karlovci. It is basically a red wine Frankovka, reinforced by wine distillates up to 17% alcohol. Over 26 different spices and herbs, dried fruits and honey have rested in special filters. It is said to have been drank at the Viennese court and that it was included in the wine list at the Titanic.


Sauvignon Blanc

This wine appears to be remembering all prizes awarded to previous harvests. Hence the dose of arrogance, which you forget while citruses burst in your mouth, elderberry blossoms in your nose, and dew from tomato leaves drips before your eyes. Don’t be seduced by its freshness and lightness. Seek in it also the pear and apple, apricot and pineapple. Vinum’s Sauvignon has everything. It will let you even sip it with fish, to emphasize with it the flavors of tasty veal of mutton, but it will also boldly impose in the company of goat cheese.



Vinum’s Chardonnay of 2016 sparks from the glass with its straw-green reflection. Clean legs elegantly roll like tears down the glass, thus guaranteeing it to contain a wine with firm spine and full body. The nose is confused by the abundance of aromas – flowery, fruity, acacia, ripe apples, peaches and melons. The aromas are fresh and pure. The wine is mild with pronouncedly fruity. It is enriched by a certain mineral quality extracted from the local soil that gives wine an extra character, which is more of a reflection of the variety than a special manner of cultivation. In the mouth, the wine has a warm, long finish. It is worthy of being included among the mandatory wine labels.